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Finding a Book

He Plays a Harp is available at almost any bookstore, just ask.

Presently you can find it at Schuler Books in Grand Rapids, the Bookman in Grand Haven, at Gracie’s Book Store in Lakeside, Muskegon and Horizon Books in Traverse City.

If you want to buy it from your local bookstore (and you’re outside West Michigan) it can be easily ordered and will arrive in a few days. It’s worth the wait!

Books can be bought via Amazon. If you do buy a book from Amazon, please consider writing a review and if you are a GoodReads member please take a second to star the book or write a review.

He Plays a Harp can be purchased through the Centering Corporation, which is a grief resource center.

He Plays a Harp is available from Barnes & Noble online.

It’s readily available in West Michigan libraries through the Lakeland Library system and there is always a copy of it in the Little Free Library between 3393 and 3383 Fulton Avenue in Muskegon. If you have a Little Free Library, we’d love to gift a copy to your bookhouse.

If you would like a personalized signed copy, send Roberta an e mail at and she will be happy to take make arrangements to accept a check for $20.00 and a personalized book will come to you by Priority post. Books are $14.95 and mailing  is $5.00.


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