A Week of Writing

When writers start to seek publication for their work, we’re told that rejection is something we must be able to accept. It is a reality of the trade. I, too, have learned that rejection is more frequent than acceptance. That’s just numbers, there are a lot of writers and not as many places for writing to be published. Yet, it is still (always) painful and no one likes receiving an email that starts something like this: “unfortunately we are unable to accept…” Accept you into our writer’s workshop or your piece in our literary journal.

Earlier this year, I was rejected from a writer’s workshop that I had my heart set on attending. It was aspirational, I’ll admit. It was a long shot of epic magnitude and I knew that, too. I gave it my best and didn’t get in. On the bright side, I didn’t have to spend $840 on tuition and another $400 on a cross-country plane ticket. (Luckily I have friends with a cabin nearby, so the housing would have been free) (and I’m sorry I’m missing them).

My consolation prize was a good one. At a fundraising event for The Rapidian I was the successful bidder on a cottage. Located on Pickerel Lake in Newaygo County, it is an hour from my home and it has provided the solitude for writing I needed. It cost me less than the airfare across the US. In addition to the cottage, there is a little boat house, with electricity and a straight on view of the lake. It has been my writing space for a week. It has been a very productive week for me. I like seeing water, I need a quiet place and I need to be able to focus.

I set out to accomplish what I needed to do, I have completed the first draft of my memoir and am beginning to revise and re-write existing sections.

It would have been great to be in a community of impressive writers in a very sexy location right now, but that time will come one day. Until then I’ll take this view.


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