Until Another Story Appears

Last night I completed the final story in my memoir. At least I think it is the final story.

When I first wrote Fearless, on the fifth anniversary of Noah’s death, I wasn’t planning to write a book. I just wanted people to know the story of his death and what it felt like to lose a child. The Rapidian gave me a voice and a platform for that essay. People who read Fearless, especially the students in my 2011 memoir class at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival told me they wanted to know more about Noah and his life. My good friend and author Paula Nangle also encouraged me to write about Noah and to not focus my writing entirely on his death and the aftermath of loss. Now, less than two years later my manuscript draft is done. At present there are thirty four chapters, fifteen about Noah’s life, fifteen that take place after his death and four about his death. Some bridge life and death; others bridge life and loss. Some are funny, most are sad. I hope none of it is too sentimental. I believe it is an interesting collection of writing about children, family, disability, grief and most of all, love.

I’m re-writing and revising it now, going back to some very early stories and seeing if they still bear up. I’m trying to organize it in a logical manner for potential readers. While I think it is done, I’m also aware that Noah might bring me another story to write.

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